Our Story 🦋

Welcome to Go to Gaia Crystals, LLC! My name is Kristen Baker and I am the sole owner and operator of this shop. My love for crystals started by seeing an Instagram ad for a giveaway for another crystal shop. I clicked the post, and the rest is history. If you would like to know more about GTG, how we came to be, and what we offer, please keep reading.

About the Shop

My love and obsession with crystals started off pretty innocently - a few pieces here and there - but truly started to become a passion of mine. I decided I wanted to open my own crystal shop after seeing the community and fulfillment a shop brings. Go to Gaia started on Instagram in the summer of 2021. We operate out of upstate New York, USA. We became a full-fledged LLC in November of 2021 and have grown into an amazing community we call "The Gaia Gang." We have members from all over the country - from Alaska, to Hawaii, to Puerto Rico - each bringing a unique personality and outlook. 

We put on live sales on Instagram once a month that have exciting themes. Throughout the afternoons and nights, we all chat about crystals, what's been going on in our lives, and some beautiful pieces find their forever homes. We also have story sales on Instagram once a month. Our website gets stocked with goodies periodically as well. 

Go to Gaia offers crystals of all shapes, sizes, materials, and uses. We source from places all over the world - from Indonesia and China to Brazil to Florida. We do our best to provide ethically sourced materials of the highest quality to boost your spiritual journeys. We are also beginning to offer additional metaphysical items, such as singing bowls, abalone shells, and cleansing materials.

About the Owner 

My name is Kristen Baker and I am the owner, inventory shopper, live-sale-runner, and person behind the screen for Go to Gaia Crystals, LLC. I am 26 years old and live in and operate my business out of my home in upstate New York. I am a Virgo sun, Gemini moon, and Capricorn rising - the important question you were all wondering. I work as an environmental consultant during the day and run my shop as a side business. I truly enjoy meeting and connecting with new people all over the world through my shop.

I have 3 cute cats that you may meet if you join one of our lives - Dublin, Darcy, and Dempsey. They love crystals just as much as everyone else in the Gaia Gang. My favorite crystals are smokey quartz, moss agate, citrine, and clear quartz, but I have a love and appreciation for all. My dream is to one day have a brick and mortar shop for GTG. I have never been as proud as I am about my business. It is only as good as its supporters, and the Gaia Gang, my friends, my family, my service providers, and wholesalers are incredible. Join the Gaia Gang and find out for yourself! 🦋