Grounding Energy During Aries Season 💨

Grounding Energy During Aries Season 💨

Hey Gaia Gang. I'm giving this blog thing a go. I'm not the best free-style writer. To be honest, I perform best with a scientific paper. Background, hypothesis, methodology, results, discussion, conclusion. This blog might follow that structure a little at first, but I'll try to leave those headers out and make my creating writing English teachers proud.

Welcome to Aries season - anyone else feeling the chaos? Because I am. I have a lot of Aries's in my life (my sister, my dad, a cousin, lots of friends), and I think I like having that fiery energy around me because I can feed off it and pull my introverted Virgo-self out of my comfort zone a little bit. But I am not loving the ✨energy✨ the universe is giving right now. I like my peeps to be fiery, but not my universal energies.

My career outside of this lovely shop is really ramping up. I'm taking on a large role in a HUGE project at my firm right now and I'm loving the purpose it's giving me. But let me set the record straight - I have gotten lazy. I've gotten used to doing the bare minimum. And my bare minimum may not be the usual bare minimum. But, Virgo, remember? I am a perfectionist. I am organized. I plan ahead. Hell, in grad school, I had final papers for a semester done 3 weeks before they were due. My agenda was color-coded. I did homework as soon as it was assigned. But after you graduate and adjust to being a real adult that has to develop hobbies other than homework, sometimes that drive and motivation slips away. So now with my job getting really busy, I almost have to retrain myself to be that over-achieving perfectionist that got me to where I am today. I know I can do it - I just need to really kick my ass into gear. 

Mix the craziness of work into the chaos that Aries season is throwing into my personal life, and I've got a real need for some grounding-ass energy. Enter stage right - SMOKEY QUARTZ.✨

For the past month or so, Smokey quartz has been all I've been buying. I bought a crap ton for the shop, and I bought the biggest tower I now own for my personal collection. I also bought a sphere, a raw cluster, a palm stone, and multiple smaller towers - all this past month. I think the crystals knew I was going to need them for what was coming - and now is here - and that's why I felt so drawn to them.

So let's talk about smokey quartz a little bit. The quartz family (made of silicon dioxide) is a pretty large family of crystals and holds a few community favorites - clear quartz, amethyst, and citrine just to name a few. The color of Smokey quartz ranges from light to dark - sometimes so dark you think the crystal is obsidian until you hold it up to a light and can tell it's smokey. I personally prefer the lighter smokey color, but not too light. And full of rainbows, duh.🌈 Dark enough you know it's smokey, but not so dark that no light travels through it. Smokey quartz gets its color from radiation (nearby radioactive minerals). It is currently found all over the world but lately I've seen some of the highest-sought-after pieces coming from Brazil. 

Smokey quartz has a strong grounding energy and opens up the root chakra and the solar plexus. It helps calm a wandering mind and assists you with focus. It helps you remain level-headed and brings back the drive and determination that we sometimes lose in our daily lives (UM HELLO, just @ me next time, smokey). Smokey quartz can also help you put your own needs first and manifest your desires. It helps you transform your life if you're feeling stuck or stagnant. And if that wasn't enough, it also whisks away negative energies. 

Knowing all that, it makes a lot of sense why I've been drawn to smokey quartz lately. I was having a terrible day this past week, not able to sleep because I was playing out so many scenarios in my head. My order from Mermaid Metal (shoutout Steph) came in that day and I got a beautiful, super clear and smooth smokey quartz palm stone. I slept with her that night and it was the first good night's sleep I'd gotten in days. I actually get emotional thinking about it. The universe knew what I needed, and the crystal knew it could help me - and did. She came through when I needed her most. Since then, my mood has improved and my outlook towards my current struggles has been less anxious. I've slept with her every night since. And when I think she needs a break, I'll set her on a shelf on a selenite slab until she calls to me again. Maybe she needed me as much as I needed her. I don't think anything is a coincidence. You don't have to agree with me, but I wholeheartedly believe it. 

What have you all been called to lately? Any other smokey lovers? Leave a comment and chat with me! 

Love you all, Gaia Gang.


Kristen 🦋




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Um wow 🤩 what a great read!! I loveee smokey myself, like borderline obsessed 🤣
A few of my other faves are citrine, amethyst (I’m biased bc it’s my birthstone🤣) moss agate, & fluorite. Don’t ask me to narrow down more than that because it’s impossible 😂


I’m loving malachite and lepidolite right now. I have a bunch of Smokey quartz that I gaze at constantly. I love your blog! Thank you! Can’t wait for your live!

Amanda Murray

Very well written. Looking forward to future blog posts from you.


This was written so well. Please write a book


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