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Taurus Zodiac Bundle - Deluxe

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Bracelet: Rhodonite

Rhodonite helps Taurus sun signs to love themselves. It exhibits a very similar energy to that of Taurus, therefore it enhances their natural tendencies of love, compassion, generosity, and responsibility. This helps to improve their self-acceptance and reduce their hot tempers.


Tumble: Nephrite Jade

Jade is an excellent protective stone for Taurus and those around them. Jade balances one's nerves and calms one's thoughts. It is also known to promote good health and fast recovery from injuries and illnesses. Jades are crystals for protection. They work especially well for any risk-seeking Taurus as it staves away misfortune.

Ring: Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated quartz amplifies the Taurus energies of joy and warmth. It reminds them to bring spirituality into what they do, giving them inspiration from above, and helping to shine light on their life purpose. It also helps remove their blocks that hinder abundance, health, and creativity.


Selenite Moon

Selenite crystal is known for its purifying properties. The stone is most widely used for cleansing and charging other crystals. Some of its other applications include calming the mind, bringing balance to crystal arrangements (e.g. grids, altars, installations, etc.), removing energy blockages and balancing the energy of a home. Every crystal enthusiast needs a form of selenite to lift, charge and balance your collection as a whole.


Tower: Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is another one of the best Taurus crystals. It emits a gentle and loving energy that boosts their compassion and opens them up to receiving and giving love and kindness. It also helps the Taurus sun sign to release fears and worries and brings them emotional healing. It is a stone that strengthens the heart.


Palo Santo - used to cleanse crystals of any energy

attached to them for a clean slate, ready for your intensions.