Ch-ch-changes ⚡️

Ch-ch-changes ⚡️

I hope when you read the title of this blog post, you did it in David Bowie's voice. If you didn't, go back and do it again. I'll wait.

Change is inevitable, as cliche as that sounds, and my god have I had some big changes in my life lately. I recently moved, and while it was still in the same apartment complex just down the road, it was still exhausting and is taking time to adjust too. You never realize how much stuff, or how many crystals you have, until you move. It took multiple hours just to move my crystals and my plants 100 yards down the road. 

I love our new apartment and I love having a room just for my crystal inventory and business operations. It makes it feel more real, and also gave me my bedroom back. I had buckets of crystals and rolls of bubblewrap taking up all my spare room in my bedroom in my old place.

Even though we moved over a month ago at this point, I still feel the effects of a big change in my mood and demeanor. Does anyone else just feel weird when they have to readjust after or during a big change?

Perhaps it's the other changes I'm coming to terms with in my personal life. Hopefully other people can relate to understand what I mean, but I try to "fix" the people I care about as a way of showing I care. It's draining and you tend to put your own needs and feelings aside to prove - to yourself and them - that you are capable of helping that person. Well the universe finally had enough of me doing that with this person (thanks, girl) and now I'm having to readjust to taking care of only me after 2 years of sacrificing myself. It's a good and necessary change, but still hard none the less. I don't know where to start. Do I work on eating better? Do I go to the gym? Do I plan bike rides to get outside more? Do I try to be more spontaneous and just go places by myself? Do I journal more? There's so much change I could implement but I don't know where to start. I find it very hard to get the motivation to start with small changes that will help me make bigger ones and meet my goals, and I have a feeling lots of other people do too.

Luckily, I have beautiful crystals in my collection that I have been drawn to lately that can help. It's strange, but as I find the inspiration for these blogs and then think about and research the crystals that could help with that topic, I realize I've already been drawn to them and using them. All about trusting that intuition. ✨

The crystal that I've been really drawn to lately, which you may have noticed if you watch my live inventory unboxings on Instagram, is apophyllite. You can see the stunning specimen I have in the featured image of this post. It is from a shop called Isla Vista Crystals on Instagram if you were curious. 

So what is apophyllite and what does it help with?

Apophyllite is a class of mineral from the Phyllosilicate family. The meaning of the name comes from the Greek for ‘flake off’. Apophyllite is usually a white crystal but it can also come in shades of blue, green, yellow, and pink or even colorless. It is believed to calm the mind and be a cleanser of negative thoughts. While the greener version of the stone is often found in the mines of India, Brazil, and Canada, Apophyllite has also been uncovered in Greenland, Iceland, Norway, the Czech Republic, Italy, Britain, Germany, and Australia.

This crystal immediately gets to work and removes blockages, making sure that your heart and your head stay clear and connected and ever ready to overcome those mired feelings of stress and anxiety. Thanks to its high-water content, this stone reminds us that even when we feel stuck or frozen that there is always a flow sitting beneath the surface.

Apophyllite is all about becoming enlightened to ourselves and finding that mental clarity we need to move forward. It brings about actionable energy and asks us to leave our baggage behind so that we can finally fly free and high without the excess weight we have been clinging to.

It’s a stone that is linked to astral travel, connecting with angels, clairvoyance, physic visions, cosmic quests, and expanding your consciousness as far as it will go. To do this, apophyllite connects first with the heart chakra so it is able to open you up for giving and receiving love with ease - not just the love that the universe has to offer but self-love and trust in your own intuition and magic. Second, it connects to the third eye chakra, where our infinite wisdom sits. Thirdly, it connects to the crown chakra and gifts you the key so that you can unlock your own inner gate to the wider cosmic world. 

This incredible stone is not only beautiful to look at, but is so helpful when you need to make changes and take better care of yourself. I have a few pieces in my personal collection and lots about to hit the shelves of my shop soon. Keep an eye out if you resonated with my message and believe apophyllite will help you as well.

Do you have another great crystal recommendation for change? Leave a comment below - I would love to hear about your personal experiences.

Love you all, Gaia Gang, 🦋

xoxo 🤍 Kristen 

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